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Joanna did an outstanding job selling our properties in Newport Beach. Best experience, very responsive, knowledgeable about the market and the real estate industry. Joanna was very involved and made sure that every part of the sale was done correctly and professionally. Her and her photography team will make a difference and make your home the hottest property on the market. Great communication skills, she is very invested and always makes her clients happy. Hands down she is the best Real Estate Agent in the buisness. You will have the best experience selling your property with her.


Joanna has always done the best work for us. She is very proficient, highly skilled and very knowledgeable about real estate. She is the ideal realtor for any home. We highly recommend her for any real estate transaction. You will definitely have a successful sale.

A. Coufus

Working with Joanna is a DREAM. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and well connected, she 100% looks our for your best interest. She truly listens to your needs/wants and does everything in her power to make it a reality. The process of buying a home is scary and stressful, but Joanna made us feel extremely comfortable the entire time. I don’t think there was one instance where we had a question or concern and she didn’t respond within minutes. I highly recommend working with Joanna!!

Kristina C.

Our family has bought and sold homes ranging from investment condos to ultra luxury properties over the course of doing business with JoAnna for 7 years. She has proven herself to be an experienced and savvy trusted advisor time and time again. There were times where she needed to work through challenging & complex circumstances and she always managed to keep the deal together with the help of her power house team, The Altman Brothers.

David G.

Joanna is knowledgeable, personable, professional and supported by a great team at The Altman Brothers. I’ve been working with Joanna for a few years. During this time, she has successfully sourced renters for my property in Venice, CA. When it was time to sell, she was able to navigate through these crazy pandemic times – and secure an offer at asking price in relative short order. I would highly recommend Joanna. She’s one of the best in the biz!

Peter D.

Joanna did an absolutely terrific job in selling our condominium.

Works hard. Excellent judgment and advice. Very responsive and took care of so many details. One of the best real estate experiences I've had.

Allen K.

I was in need of a high-end summer rental in Newport Beach.

The inventory is extremely tight there these days. JoAnna helped find a perfect lease for us in one weekend of searching and helped negotiate a great deal. Would highly recommend!

Julie D.

JoAnna provided first class knowledge, support, and advice throughout my home search and purchase. Coming from a consulting background, I really appreciate knowledge, expertise, efficiency, and no surprises.

I truly got all four of these cornerstones working with JoAnna. She was always a step ahead of the game and was forthcoming with what could happen in the deal process (which alleviated much of my anxiety due to my expectations and lack of my SoCal Real Estate knowledge). She made the whole process easy. She answered my questions before I even had to ask them. I highly, highly, highly recommend JoAnna for any and all real estate needs.

Ryan A.
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